SibWorks Facilitator Training

$250/per user

  • 12 months access
  • includes SibWise for Professionals

About SibWorks

Sibworks is a specific program for young siblings and is based on many years of research and investigation into the sibling experience with feedback gained from a large number of siblings and service providers around Australia.

Sibworks focuses on supporting siblings by building their emotional wellbeing and resilience and connecting with others who share the same experience. It is our aim for these benefits to be ongoing, with siblings supported to continue building their emotional capability and to continue connecting with other siblings beyond the program. For this reason, it is important that parents/carers are included and informed throughout the program – as they will be key enablers to continue sibling outcomes upon completion of Sibworks.

Who is SibWorks for?

SibWorks has been primarily designed for siblings of children with disability aged between 8 and 12 years, but can be adapted for other age groups and populations.

Workshop format

The program runs for 7 sessions (or over a 3 day format). Siblings Australia suggests that the program is run as closely to the designed format as is possible, however some variations may need to be made based directly on the needs of the participants or available resources.

A note on terminology

Throughout this training we use the term 'disability' to encompass a range of additional needs, including disability, chronic illness and mental illness. We encourage SibWorks Facilitators running their own group to use the terminology that best fits their client group.

Workshop manual hard copy

Once you have purchased the course, to ensure the hard copy resources (manual and 10 activity books for young sibs) can be sent to you in a timely manner, please email with your mailing address.

If at any stage you need a variation on the standard number of SibWorks Manuals and Activity Books please email

Learning outcomes

On completion of this course you will learn how to:

  • respond to the unique needs of siblings
  • deliver support to siblings in a peer group format
  • bring developmental theory into your work with siblings
  • implement all elements of a SibWorks program.

Learning outcomes for children

On completion of attending a Sibworks workshop, children will:

  • understand a bit more about disability and functional challenge
  • feel less alone
  • know some ways to deal with tricky feelings
  • have practiced some coping skills that they can use in their lives
  • feel more positive about themselves as a sibling.

Supporting theory

Our program is also supported by sound theory:

  • Group programs have the potential to support and empower vulnerable cohorts.
  • Children grow within the context of their family and community networks.
  • Emotionally safe environments allow children to express themselves.
  • Children learn best when adults are actively engaged.
  • Safeguarding siblings' mental health and wellbeing is important.

Supporting principles

The following general principles support our SibWorks program:

  • Disability impacts every family member.
  • The sibling relationship is one of the longest of any over the lifetime.
  • Preventative approaches to mental health in childhood are concerned with ‘risk’ and ‘protective’ factors.
  • Families can enhance children’s engagement in group programs.


Content development

Siblings Australia
Kate Strohm and Tash Binder

Design and development

Digital Learning and Design
Centre For Education
Women’s and Children’s Health Network
SA Health.

The development of SibWorks was funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. Visit for more information.

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