About Launch

Our mission is to create engaging, relevant and effective eLearning.

Our team is part of the Women's and Children's Health Network in South Australia. We work with content experts and clinicians in health to produce courses that comply with current guidelines and Australian National Standards.


We work with health professionals to produce eLearning for health professionals.

Over 93% of our learners would “recommend their course to a friend or colleague”

Here’s what our learners say:

“It’s a very good learning tool - presentation excellent..”

“I have found this course to be very informative and well presented”

“I have gained greater awareness of Safety and Quality and its importance”


700,000+ health professionals learn with our courses:

2000+ learners using “Aboriginal Cultural Learning”

1800+ learners using “Protecting Children is Everyones Business”

2000+ learners using “Newborn Life Support”


Over 94% of learners would be able to “incorporate their learning into practise”

We survey all our learners after each course. Here’s what they say:

“I will be confident in practicing basic life support when required.”

“Everything I learned from this course will be applied to work.”

“I will be more sensitive towards aboriginal people, understanding the great
disadvantage they have faced and continue to face in our society”