SibWise for Professionals

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What you will learn

SibWise will assist you to better understand siblings of children with disability, their needs and challenges and provide you with the tools and resources to better support siblings, whether within your own family, or within a professional setting.


If you are a parent/carer who supports siblings either directly or indirectly, this course is for you.

This course is for those who impact the lives of siblings the most, and who will benefit from quality up-to-date learning on best practice supports.

We acknowledge that parents and providers are a valuable source of support to siblings. We understand that parents, particularly, have multiple priorities to contend with and that the needs of their sibling child is something they have awareness of. Our aim is to provide useful knowledge and skills to support and sustain them in their journey.

This course was produced by Siblings Australia, a unique national organisation promoting better support for siblings of children and adults with disability.

Through the course, you will see the perspectives of both parents and professionals. We believe it is beneficial to see the suggested strategies for each group, to support parents and professionals working together.

Learning outcomes

Parents will learn how to:

  • tackle common challenges for siblings
  • act on wellbeing and mental health needs
  • address family complexities
  • find tools and resources to protect and strengthen children
  • unlock the power of peer connection
  • build resilience through small actions now.

About Siblings Australia

Established by Kate Strohm in 1999, Siblings Australia is the only national organisation dedicated to addressing the life-long needs of brothers and sisters of people with disability. Its vision is Siblings: Acknowledged, Connected, Resilient.

Research and anecdotal evidence support the view that disability affects the lives of all family members. Siblings Australia has developed a national and international reputation for its work with families and professionals, through education, training, research and advocacy. It takes a whole of family approach in strengthening families and recognising that siblings have their own needs. With the right support, siblings can develop a good life for themselves alongside contributing to a good life for the person with disability.

Kate has presented workshops across Australia and overseas for both parents and professionals to promote awareness of sibling needs. Kate has also written a book on sibling issues titled Siblings: Brothers and Sisters of Children with Disability (2002, revised edition 2014, Wakefield Press, Adelaide), which has also been published in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

To find out more about Siblings Australia visit the website:

About this course

We have catered to all learning styles with a series of illustrated stories, real life sibling videos, visual graphics, readings and reflective questions along with extra resources.

Three siblings

Through exploring the lives of 3 siblings, you will better understand the unique challenges a sibling might face, how to think differently about our role in their lives, and act in the moments that really matter.

Digging deeper

Within each story, chapters delve deeper into siblings experiences. You will learn how to help siblings in their journey towards strength, resilience, and a closer relationship with their brother/sister with disability.

Importantly, as you voyage through the learning, there are opportunities to record your reflections which collate together for you to access later. There will also be a final evaluation to allow you to reflect further on your learnings.

How long is this course?

Each chapter will take approximately 45 mins to complete.

You will be able to undertake the course at your own pace and return to the page where you were with ease.


On completion you can download a certificate.


Content development

Siblings Australia team, led by Kate Strohm.

Design and development

Digital Learning and Design
Centre For Education
Women’s and Children’s Health Network
SA Health.

The development of SibWise was funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. Visit for more information.

Siblings Australia would like to acknowledge adult siblings Hannah, Elizabeth, Cassandra and Trent, for their valuable insights, and the parents/professionals who provided feedback on the course.

Course structure