Clinical Supervision in Practice

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What you will learn

This is one of three clinical supervision courses developed by SA Health.

In this course you will explore opportunities and challenges in supervision in your role as a supervisor and will identify strategies for improving outcomes for yourself, your supervisee and their clients. When conducted well, clinical supervision can result in significant clinical, operational and personal improvements.

If you are new to supervision, have never had any formal training in being a clinical supervisor or tools in this course are unfamiliar to you, it is recommended that you complete the Fundamentals of Clinical Supervision course before commencing this course.


This course is intended for clinical supervisors wanting to extend their formal training in clinical supervision.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this course you will be able to:

  • identify opportunities in supervision to support staff and improve services for clients
  • identify challenges in supervision and strategies to overcome them
  • reflect on your strengths and areas for development as a supervisor.

About this course


The course will take approximately one hour to complete.


On successful completion of the assessments you can download a certificate of completion.


This course adheres to South Australian (SA Health) guidelines and Australian National Standards.

The principles described in the course can however be applied to any health care setting.

If you practice outside South Australia it is your responsibility to refer to the specific requirements of your local health authority.


This course aligns with the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards, Second Edition – Standards 1 & 6.

Clinical Governance Standard: Ticked Communication for Safety Standard: Ticked


Course Sponsors

This course was funded by the SA Health Allied and Scientific Health Office and Country Health SA Local Health Network. It was prepared by the Country Health SA Local Health Network in partnership with other SA Health staff and the Centre for Education and Training, Women's and Children's Health Network.

Course development

The development of this course was a collaborative effort. Contributors across SA Health include:

SA Health Allied and Scientific Office
Catherine Turnbull – Chief Allied and Scientific Health Advisor
Tracey Kroon – Senior Project Manager

Country Health Local Health Network
Tanya Lehmann – Principal Consultant Allied Health
Kelly Schulze – Senior Clinical Educator, Occupational Therapy
Fiona Murray – Advanced Clinical Lead, Podiatry
Michele Banks – Advanced Clinical Lead, Mental Health Social Work
Brooke Packham – Clinical Senior Psychologist
Adrian Leet – Advanced Clinical Lead, Mental Health Occupational Therapy
Brett Webster – Advanced Clinical Lead, Occupational Therapy

Southern Adelaide Local Health Network
Samantha Kruger – Director, Clinical Services, Speech Pathology & Audiology, Flinders Medical Centre

Northern Adelaide Local Health Network
Anna Brennan – Physiotherapy Department Head, Lyell McKewin Hospital

Central Adelaide Local Health Network
Vicki Hume – Director Allied Health, Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre and Primary Health Care

Women's and Children's Health Network
Heather Baron – Regional Allied Health Director
Staff from Pharmacy, Women's Health and Aboriginal Liaison Services

Centre for Education and Training, Women's and Children's Health Network
Alison Russell – Director
Alison Dymmott – Content Developer
Digital Media Team – Development of e-learning courses
Artist Made Productions Team – Development of videos and scenarios

Clinical Supervision Content Working Party and Steering Committee
Special thanks to the staff involved in the Content Development Working Party and the Steering Committee for their expert advice.

Course structure